NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA) rated Representative Don Cheatham an A+ and endorsed him for the 2018 General Election as being a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate, who is an advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

In the 2018 ratings of Idaho by the American Conservative Union Foundation, I received an Award for Conservative Excellence (100%).  The organization looks at elected leaders across the country, who best defend the principles of a free society: life, liberty and property.  The group focuses on fiscal and economic, social and cultural and government integrity.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation rated my conservative votes at 95.1%.  Our three legislators in District 3 averaged out the second highest/most conservative district in the state.

In 2018, I was endorsed by the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation Political Action Committee and also classified as a “Friend of Agriculture”.


The citizens of District 3 deserve an ethical and honest Senator, who is willing to work in cooperation with all, yet stand firm to the core values of the Republican Platform.  Idaho Freedom Foundation rated Don 95.1% on their freedom index for 2018 and District 3 appears to be the most conservative in the state.

​A conservative Senator believes in strong family values, property rights, limited government, innovative education reform and the 2nd Amendment. Don has the background, knowledge and leadership skills it takes for District 3.
Don supports business growth, agriculture and will continue to oppose tax increases.  ​

Adopted as a baby, Don believes in the protection of the sanctity of life.          

Don continues to demonstrate his staunch support of the 2nd Amendment.  In 2017, NRA rated him as an A, although 2018 has yet to be posted.                 

As your Senator, Don will work tirelessly to protect your property rights and support legislation to protect the privacy and security of your personal data. 

Don is dedicated to quality education reform through innovative solutions, local control and school choice.  Don’s mother was a teacher in the public-school system for over 40 years.


Provide assistance to veterans, when applicable.