H367: Education, resident student - H Educ

H368: Higher education, retirement - Law (yes)

H412: Education, common core, standards - H W/M

H413: Education, fed funds phase out - H W/M

H414: Sex education – H Educ

H415: Excused absence, military funeral – H Educ (yes) 69/0

H423: Firearms, school property – Law

H443: School districts, firearm education - Law (yes)

H469: School safety patrols – Law (yes)

H501: Measurable student achievement – Gov vetoed (yes)

H502: Mastery-based education - H Educ

H503: Education, career ladder - Law (yes)

H504: Education loan assistance program - H Educ

H515: Income tax, college savings - Law (yes)

H565: Firearms, school property - Law (yes)

H566: Charter school administrators – To Gov (yes)

H579: Sex education - Held in committee

H580: Education, session law repeal - Law (yes)

H588: Schools, threatening violence - Held in committee

H589: Mastery-based education - S Educ

H590: Guided education management act - S Educ

H622: Higher education, free speech - S Educ

H629: High school, apprenticeship - Law (yes)

H630: Education, rural support networks - H-Failed (no)

H631: Higher ed: residency requirements - Law (yes)

H632: Educational support program funding - To Gov (yes)

H633: Education representation cards – Held in committee

H634: Education, suicide prevention – Law (yes)

H641: Higher education, residency - Held in committee

H647: Education, representative status - Law (yes)

H663: Schools, threatening violence – H W/M

H665: School violence – Law (yes)

H693: Education, reading intervention – Held in committee

HCR049: Public school funding committee – Aye vote

Representative Don Cheatham’s comments on the 2018 Legislative Session:

During this session, the Idaho House was presented with more than 431 pieces of legislation and the Senate had 205.

Some of the pieces of legislation I sponsored, co-sponsored and supported included:

  • Address confidentiality for victims of violence, including victims of human trafficking.
  • Crime Victims Compensation Program which exempts victims of sexual assaults (rape) from having to pay for their own laboratory collection of sexual assault evidence.
  •  Jury pay requirement was increased to $50.00 per day, plus mileage, after (5) days of service to ensure jurors receive adequate compensation for their community service.
  • Retired law enforcement under certain circumstances can carry concealed firearms on public school, colleges, and university premises in support of protection of our children and school personnel.
  • School safety patrol legislation requires that the public shall obey their authority in the performance of their official duties.
  • Updated legislation on a person threatening school violence directed at schools, school facilities, and/or students, delivered by any means of communication. If a person is found in possession of dangerous weapons during an investigation, it provides for being charged with a felony.
  • Regarding education and for the fourth year in a row, the Legislature increased the General Fund appropriation this year for K‐12 by more than $100 million. Included in K‐12 funding is $41.6 million for the fourth year of the five‐year phase‐in of the
  • career ladder compensation system for teachers. The K‐12 appropriation reflects a 5.9% increase in General Fund support over last year’s appropriation.
  • Tax relief for Idaho citizens was addressed by passing legislation affecting corporations, small businesses, individuals and a subsequent child tax credit. Personal income rate was reduced by 0.475% in all brackets and the corporate tax rate was reduced by 0.475%. The child tax credit was increased from $105.00 to $205.00, including all dependents.
  • Another tax reduction bill was passed which lowered unemployment insurance taxes paid by businesses. It is anticipated that this reduction will result in tax savings of $115,000,000 over the next three years.
  • Breastfeeding was decriminalized by exempting it from the obscenity law.
  • Self-Defense (Stand your Ground) legislation which clarifies how persons can protect their homes, businesses, and in their occupied vehicles.
  • Veterans with 100% disabilities will receive a deduction of up $1320.00 on their property taxes not to exceed the actual property tax.Type your paragraph here.

Don Cheatham sponsored, co-sponsored or supported the following Bills during the 2018 legislative session:

H430: Address Confidentiality for Victims of Violence

This legislation relates to address confidentiality for victims of violence; amending Title 19, Idaho Code, by adding those individuals that are victims of human trafficking to be eligible for the program, removing the requirement of a participant to obtain an order of protection and expand what may be used from various other sources as evidence of being a victim and providing technical changes. Signed 3/20/18; Law 7/1/18 (Sponsor)

H429aaS: Crime Victims Compensation Program

This legislation takes a third party, insurance, out of the billing process for adult victims and directs Idaho's Crime Victims Compensation Program to pay the entire amount of the cost of sexual assault evidence collection at a medical facility. Signed 3/19/18 – Law 7/1/18 (Co-sponsor)

H586: Juror Pay

This bill requires that jurors who serve in lengthy jury trials be paid $50 per day, plus mileage, after five (5) days of service. The Supreme Court, through a General Fund appropriation, will supervise reimbursement of the expense to the counties in the amount of $40 per day. Signed 3/26/18; Law 7/1/18 (Sponsor)

H565: Retired Law Enforcement Concealed Carry

This legislation amends the firearm code to allow qualified retired law enforcement officers licensed under 18-3302H, Idaho Code, to have the same privileges as other persons identified on campus and public school property. Signed 3/20/18 – Law 07/01/2018 (Co-Sponsor)

H590: Guided Education Management Act

The purpose of this legislation is to establish the GEM (Guided Education Management) Scholarship Act from private donations.  The legislation creates GEM Scholarships to pay for qualified education expenses for (1) students from low-income families, (2) students with special needs, (3) students who are at-risk, or (4) children of active duty military. Criteria for services considered qualified education expenses and entities providing those services are identified in the legislation. The legislation also sets forth criteria for a Scholarship Granting Organization to oversee funds received for GEM Scholarships and administering GEM Scholarships with individual students. This bill will have no fiscal impact to the general fund. Those students receiving GEM Scholarships will not be enrolled as full-time students in the public-school system of Idaho, so no general funds will be appropriated by the State to a public school to educate a GEM Scholarship recipient. The State Board of Education is tasked with selecting at least one and no more than three, Scholarship Granting Organizations and reviewing the SGO's annual reports, but this should not require an additional FTE. The Organization is to oversee funds received for GEM Scholarships and administering GEM Scholarships with individual students.  (Co-sponsor). This bill was held by the Senate Education committee.

S1208: Provides for the Use of Inmate Labor

This legislation will allow inmate labor to work for private employers in the production, harvesting and processing of Idaho agricultural products. Agricultural products include horticultural, viticulture, forestry, dairy, livestock, poultry, bee and any farm products. There will be no fiscal impact on the General Fund. The revision to the statute will operate financially the same as the perishable food program. The program will pay for itself through billing the agricultural employer and dispersing the funds to the inmate worker, Idaho Department of Corrections and Correctional Industries. All program costs incurred by the IDOC and ICI will be covered through the billing of the agricultural employer. (Senate did not concur with the House Amendments and bill didn’t proceed). (Co-sponsor)

H463: Income Tax Cut Bill

Revises the calculation of net taxable income for corporations; to reduce the individual and corporate income tax rate; and to provide for a child tax credit. Law: Signed on 3/12/18 and retroactive to 1/1/18.

This bill relates to income taxes. The bill will conform to the Idaho income tax code to changes made to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) that affect the 2018 taxable year, including but not limited to standard deduction increase, personal and dependent exemption elimination, and miscellaneous business income tax changes. The Idaho income tax code is based on using the federal taxable income as a starting point for both business and individual income tax returns. This bill also creates a nonrefundable Idaho child tax credit of $130 per qualifying child. Additionally, it reduces the personal income tax rate by 0.475%, in all brackets, and reduces the corporate income tax rate by 0.475%.  (Co-sponsor) Law retroactive to1/1/18

 Note: H675 Amended child deductions from $130.00 to $205.00 and includes all qualifying dependents. Signed into law. Retroactive to 1/1/18.

H448: Breastfeeding

Provides exemptions from being charged with indecent exposure and obscenity for breastfeeding mothers. Signed into law 3/20/18. Effective 7/1/18 (Co-sponsor).

H377: Patronizing a Prostitute

The purpose of this legislation is to make patronizing of prostitutes a felony. Held in House Judiciary and Rules Committee. (Co-sponsor).

H415: Taps for Deceased Veterans Honors Funerals

 EXCUSED ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL – Adds to existing law to provide that a student sounding taps at a military honors funeral held in this state for a deceased veteran shall be allowed an excused absence, to provide for notice, to provide for the effect on the calculation of daily attendance and compulsory attendance and to provide for the completion of school work. (Sponsor) This bill passed the House with a vote of 69/0. Bill held in Senate Education Committee.

H410: Cannabidiol Oil (CBD Oil)

This legislation provides for the lawful use and possession of Cannabidiol Oil (CBD), if prescribed by a practitioner licensed under Chapter 18, Title 54, Idaho Code. Registration, application, and fees are provided through the Idaho Board of Pharmacy and procedures to legally obtain CBD Oil. There is no fiscal impact on the General Fund. There will be a one-time $60,000 impact to the Board of Pharmacy's dedicated fund. The Board of Pharmacy's dedicated fund has a fund balance of $2,610,200 at the start of Fiscal Year 2018. Bill held in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee, (Co-sponsor). This bill was held by the Health and Welfare committee.

HJM010: Midas Gold

This Joint Memorial encourages the Trump Administration, including the Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, the Secretary of the United States Department of Interior, and the administrators of the Environmental Protection Agency and Idaho’s Congressional Delegation to direct resources and personnel necessary to move forward with permitting the Stibnite Gold Project to move forward in a timely and cost-effective manner.  No impact on the General fund, etc.  (Co-sponsor). This Memorial was adopted.

In 2017, I sponsored SCR105 which authorized the Idaho State Board of Education to enter into agreements with the Idaho State Building Authority to provide financing and construction management for the expansion of the Idaho National Laboratory Cybercore Integration center and Collaborative Computing Center facilities.  These two facilities would house cybersecurity and super-computer research activities which have outgrown the existing facilities at the Idaho National Laboratory’s current location.  The new facilities will provide outstanding opportunities for Idaho’s research universities to carry out their missions; engage Idaho students in leading edge education, research, and intern activities; and bolster economic development for Idaho as it collaborates with the Idaho National Laboratory to address the nation’s cybersecurity and advanced computing priorities.  In addition to the significant economic benefits of the project for the State and the positive impact on national security, the project will provide immediate and continuing benefits to student learning and institutional research efforts.  (Law)

I also sponsored HB93 to allow active military members to carry concealed weapons within the State of Idaho while on active military status.  (Law)